Horse riding information in Ruby Country

Information for horse riding in Ruby Country

This page brings together a lot of the essential information for horse riding whilst visit Ruby Country.

Horse box parking

View Ride the Ruby Country parking locations in a larger map

There are many places to park your horsebox in Ruby Country. Although this map identifies many places to park, it is by no means complete.  If you know of any other parking places for horseboxes in Ruby Country, please contact Ride the Ruby Country.

It is the responsibility of riders to find safe and appropriate parking.  All belongings remain the responsibility of riders.  Please consider others when parking vehicles and trailers and don’t block gateways or access points.


Before setting out on a ride in unfamiliar territory please ensure you have food and drink and are wearing appropriate clothing and are prepared for poor weather.  Also, it is advisable to carry a first aid kit and any other equipment to ensure your comfort and safety.

Ruby Country is covered by OS Explorer maps 111, 112, 113 and 126 depending upon where you are riding.

Although carrying a mobile phone is recommended you are advised that in some areas it may not be possible to obtain a strong signal.  Please ensure you inform someone of your intended route and time of arrival at your destination.

Code of Riding

Horse ridersWhilst out riding your horse it is important that you abide by a simple code of conduct to ensure you do not conflict with trail and bridleway users, farmers, land owners and other people.

Please take care of the land – do not stray off the line of the route, damage hedgerows by jumping and remember horses’ hooves can damage surfaces in bad weather.

Please show courtesy to others – pay heed to walkers, cyclists and other riders, and acknowledge courtesy shown by drivers.

Please consider farmers – leave gates as you find them, ride slowly past all livestock.

Ride safely and enjoy the countryside.



Common Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) is a specified weed under the Weeds Act 1959. It contains toxins, which can have debilitating or fatal consequences if eaten by horses and other grazing animals.

Ragwort may need to be controlled when its presence and the likelihood of it spreading to neighbouring land poses a risk to horses and other grazing animals or land used for the production of forage.

To view the BHS guide to Ragwort please click here

Please bear in mind that common ragwort is an important part of our biodiversity, providing imprtant nectar for insects as well as being the larval foodplant for the cinnabar moth caterpillar. Therefore it should only be removed where there is a significant risk of it spreading or being eaten by horses and other livestock.

Useful websites

For more information on public rights of way in Ruby Country or to comment on the routes visit

To download a copy of Devon County Councils publication Horse Riding in Devon click here (pdf download).

Health Benefits of Horse Riding

To view and download a copy of the BHS publication The Health Benefits of Horse riding in the UK, click here. (1.5mb pdf)

Riding around Roadford Lake

Find out about riding around Roadford Lake in Ruby Country by visiting

Other links

British Horse Society South West

DEFRA pages and further information regarding horses.

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