Ruby Country Communities

holsworthy squareIncluding the towns of Holsworthy and Hatherleigh with their thriving livestock markets, Ruby Country covers 70,467 hectares, an area twice the size of the Isle of Wight.  Within this area are 45 distinctive parish communities and in total Ruby Country has a small population of about 18,000 inhabitants.  Given its rural location the communities of Ruby Country have developed historically around agriculture, in particular raising livestock on the tough culm grassland typical of this part of rural Devon.  Hardy Devon Red cattle “Rubies” are iconic in this area, being able to thrive on the poor quality grazing.  These beasts have given their name to the Ruby Country.  Farming has shaped the face of Ruby Country and it is only recently that there has been a shift away from agriculture as a way of life.

hatherleighOn these pages you will be able to view information on the Ruby Country Communities to help you plan your visit and to make sure you don’t miss the highlights.  A visit to a Ruby Country village or hamlet can be like stepping back in time, with the pace of life being so much more relaxed and the feel of the landscape being unspoilt and sometimes mysterious.

Click on this link to find out where to park when visiting the Ruby Country market towns of Holsworthy and Hatherleigh.

These pages will develop over time to produce a picture of life in Ruby Country and how a visit can reward you and entice you back.


Ruby Country Partnership is pleased to be supporting these businesses and would like to support more. If you are interested in working with Ruby Country Partnership to develop and promote your business please contact us at Holsworthy Information Centre on 01409 254185 or email us at


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