Arts and Crafts

Ruby Country arts and crafts; inspired by the landscape, natural materials and much more. There are many innovative people making a living from creating inspiring products. These can be bought in a variety of places, including towns and villages, rural galleries, at local markets and craft fairs and from their own premises. Look out for the crafts people and artists working in Ruby Country.

Why not visit a local market, craft fair or Ruby Country Market in Hatherleigh on 3rd December 2016

Find out more about Ruby Country arts and crafts by taking a look at the following listings. Take home a unique piece of Ruby Country, or visit the business websites to make your purchases online. Most importantly support the work of the industrious people of Ruby Country.

Throughout Ruby Country there are people making a fascinating range of arts and crafts. From textiles to jewellery, paintings and sculptures to soap, soft furnishings and toys to ceramics, there are many opportunities to enjoy these creations in a

Arts and Crafts, including, The Little Wool Company,The Bead Cellar, Lucy Turmaine and more.

Galleries and potteries, including West Gallery, Hatherleigh Pottery,  and Salar Gallery.

devons-ride-theRuby Country Partnership is pleased to be supporting these businesses and would like to support more. If you are interested in working with Ruby Country Partnership to develop and promote your business please contact us at Holsworthy Information Centre on 01409 254185 or email us at


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